For the Health of Our Community

The health of a community is at the foundation of its strength, its cohesion, and its happiness. Creating healthier communities is at the foundation of what we do. The technologies at the Smart Health Innovation Lab will help us achieve that goal by improving health outcomes, lowering cost of care, enhancing the patient experience, and reducing the burden on provider.

Headquartered in Lancaster, PA, our community in the central PA region is a big part of who we are — it’s where we work, it’s where we play, and it’s where we live. Founders Aspire Ventures, Capital BlueCross, Clio Health, and Lancaster General Health are committed to making Lancaster the best community that it can be by fostering innovation, promoting collaboration, and advancing better health for everyone.

Become a Community Partner

Better communities are made by working together. We’re always looking for new ways to collaborate to overcome the biggest challenges facing healthcare. If you’re a nonprofit or community organization with innovative ideas about how technology can create healthier populations, contact us to discuss community partnership opportunities.

Our Stories, Your Stories

The character of our community is shaped by our stories. Here we feature the latest news to show how we can impact our community together.

In March, we announced the Smart Health Innovation Lab to the local community for the first time. Since then, we’ve heard a lot of excitement and curiosity from the local media, residents, innovators, and potential partners. A new innovation lab for healthcare technologies will have wide-reaching benefits for the community that extend far beyond healthcare. Beyond improving care in the region with cutting edge technology, the innovation lab will have an important economic impact by bringing innovative companies to the region and by catalyzing a new culture of collaboration and innovation.

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