A Common Goal
is a Powerful Thing

The Smart Health Innovation Lab is the first innovation lab where payors, healthcare delivery systems, and technology companies have partnered in full collaboration to accelerate more meaningful innovation. Even though each stakeholder has disparate objectives and faces different demands, we all share a common goal: to improve the health of our communities, enhance the patient and provider experience, and lower healthcare costs.

Founders Aspire Ventures, Capital BlueCross, Clio Health, and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health each bring unique expertise to the table.

Together, we’re breaking down silos and catalyzing more collaborative innovation to transform healthcare.

Achieving More Together

At our state-of-the-art innovation lab in downtown Lancaster, PA, startups and partners work hand-in-hand on the latest in healthcare innovation. But collaboration doesn’t end with our founders. We’re inviting leading companies to join us in our mission to transform care. We have several sponsorship opportunities for technology companies, payors, healthcare delivery systems, and healthcare vendors that come with an array of business and marketing benefits.

Become a sponsor and you will do far more than boost your brand — you will help change the paradigm for healthcare innovation.

Vendor Sponsorship

For medical supply or software vendors, we offer vendor sponsorship that will showcase the best your company has to offer. Have your products displayed and integrated into simulated care environments in our cutting-edge lab; collaborate with the leading healthcare companies in the region; and build relationships with innovative tech companies working in the lab.

We offer our Vendor Sponsors a number of benefits:

Vendor sponsors receive a press release to announce involvement with the Smart Health Innovation Lab

Vendor sponsor’s logo will be displayed on our website and in the lab

Vendor sponsor’s products will be integrated in our lab’s simulated care environments

Vendor sponsors gain use of the lab for PR tours and marketing efforts

Vendor sponsors will be invited to exclusive networking events for partners and founders

Vendor sponsor’s marketing materials will be made available during lab tours

Lab Sponsorship

Join Aspire Ventures, Capital BlueCross, Clio Health, and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health as a lab sponsor to help advance the best in healthcare technology. Healthcare delivery sponsors gain early access to innovative technologies that they can influence with their workflow expertise; payor sponsors can begin reimbursement discussions before deployment to support technologies that improve care; and technology sponsors are provided a way to expedite innovation with real-time feedback from clinicians.

In addition to Vendor Sponsor benefits, we offer Lab Sponsors a number of exclusive benefits:

Lab sponsors may award scholarships for resident technology candidates every year

Lab sponsors will be key influencers in the certification of new technologies

Lab sponsors will gain discounted investment opportunities in certified technologies

Lab sponsors gain a seat on the Smart Health Innovation Lab advisory board

Collaboration is the key to innovation. Work with us to build better technology for better healthcare.